Welcome To
Brixwell Group

Where design meets inspiration. Explore our world of interior creativity, where every space tells a unique story. Let's embark on a design journey together

Welcome To
Brixwell Group

Where design meets inspiration. Explore our world of interior creativity, where every space tells a unique story. Let's embark on a design journey together

About Brixwell Group

At Brixwell Group, we have been trading furniture and interior décor exclusively since 2007. Since our launch, we have grown from a handful of people to one of India’s largest importer of high-quality Interior goods from China. Our aim is to provide the widest range of high-end interior products without compromising on Value and Quality. Therefore, we only work with suppliers with the best reputation and the finest quality. We import all kinds of Furniture, Wardrobe, Lighting, Modular Kitchen, Doors, Windows, Sanitary ware, Ceramics, Decorative material, etc. We specialize in home projects, hotels projects, restaurants, offices, banquet, schools & College projects.

Quality Assurance

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures every project reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship and design precision

Skilled Professionals

Our team of dedicated experts brings years of experience and talent to create stunning, personalized interior designs.

Your Vision Our Expertise

At Brixwell Group, we are committed to turning your interior design dreams into reality. Our skilled team of designers combines creativity with precision, working closely with you to bring your unique vision to life. With our expertise, every space becomes a masterpiece of style and functionality

The Significance of Furniture Import From China

China has been producing quality interior décor products which have increased their export magnanimously. It is among the largest exporter of furniture and manufactures furniture for leading designers in the world. The furniture market in China is slowly overtaking the world by its stirring, interesting and innovative furniture style, and design. The paradigm shift of exporting from China as more designers have started getting their interior décor products here. The presence of thousands of manufacturers and brands provides you a great arena to experiment with your taste and design.

Once, you are in China for selecting the best interior décor product (Furniture, Wardrobe, Lighting, Modular Kitchen, Artifacts,etc), you can choose from a wide range of products spread across the whole furniture market. You can easily select the product by experiencing it — feel and use it and then if you are satisfied then you can order it. No matter what your style is you get what you want according to your purchasing power.

We bring you world-class furniture which can change the parameters of the furniture market in India. When a customer chooses from the countless array of interior décors available in the market we abide by the type, style, and design of the product chosen by them. We are constantly working with our associates in China to ameliorate the choices in the interior décor industry.

How We Bring in a Change?

Building a relationship is important to us and hence our priority is our customers comfort. At Brixwell Group, the core of our fervor comes with the people we work for and that's why we do not let any stone untumed to serve them to perfection.

The customer can connect with us according to the need of their project (house, office, building, apartment, showroom,etc). They are then shown the exclusively designed interior décor products in China by our expert staff where they can experience the product and accordingly order for the same. Lets understand the whole process in a detailed manner:

Understanding the Customer

The first step is to understand our customer project's requirements and to find out what kind of interior décor they are expecting from us. We enjoy a well elaborate dialogue with our customers to comprehend their project, their expectations, and their budget. After we are satisfied with all the necessary information collected from the customer about their project, a final list of requirements is initiated and the same is sent to our China office. Once our staff in China recognizes the needs and understands each and every detail of the project, we advance to the next step.

The Visit

The customer is invited to China and greeted by our well-trained staff. The customer is introduced to different designs, styles, and varieties of our wide range of interior décor spread across the Chinese market. It becomes our foremost duty to provide the same design, style, and quality to our customers. Then a thorough and comprehensive list of purchases with each and every detail and other customizations about the project are recorded and are then sent for further process.

Quality Check

Once the customer is back, our staff in China visits each and every supplier or factory during production, to ensure that there are no bottle necks in the quality and superiority of the furniture. We then coordinate with each supplier for proper packaging and on-time delivery so that the product is delivered without any breakage and in the best condition. To make sure that our product offers the unsurpassed quality, we carry on the final check before the delivery.

The Delivery

Once the quality check is done and we as a company are satisfied, all the goods are shipped to the Indian port for customs clearance. The goods are then delivered to the customer’s project place. The struggle from the first step till delivery is finally paid off when we see the look of satisfaction in our customers and see that their project looks incredible.

Why Brixwell Group ?

The Brixwell Group understands the need for state-of-the-art and contemporary yet traditional interior decor. While the curation happens from our big league partners in China. With years of experience in this business, we contemplated a comfortable supply and quality-tested furniture. We have professional staff in China and in India as well that provide you with exclusive decor and inspiring design. Our thirst for creating a bridge between the customer and the varied range of interior decor from China has made us a strong name in the world of furniture. All this would not be possible without the continuous support from our customers who thrust a spirit of excellence and fineness into us.

Brixwell Group has grown and evolved around the vision of genuine customer service. Our attention to detail, excellent quality, and delivery is the fundamental guide to keep us on the top, of the industry. Over time we have sought to maintain the value of service through customer satisfaction. We have retained the best expert hands, that have learned the craft over years of experience.

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